Learning Run

Well today was a learning run.

I woke up not feeling the best but decided to go for the run anyways. By the time I arrived I was feeling OK and felt good to go. We took off at our normal pace and made our way to the trail head. Everything was going good until about 3/4 mile in and then it was like I got hit in the head by a heavy weight boxer. The world got blurry and I started to get dizzy, the only time I had felt this was about 3 weeks ago at the end of my 50k. I slowed down and got some calories and liquid in me. Luckily the group I run with wait at each intersection so I was able to catch up and then the spirit of the trail really came in almost in sync they all asked if I was doing OK. I said I was just sucking and feeling a little dizzy. So, what did these awesome people do slowed down and hung back with me so I could continue. I wish I could say it all ended up OK and I was able to push through it but no I ended up having to cut my day short. I was targeting at least 20 miles today but only got 5. Now about 3 months ago I would be totally depressed but I am not I did not “lose”, I learned. Now to finish a hot cup of tea and do some research on what might have caused this. Remember the purpose of running is to have fun and race your race.

2 thoughts on “Learning Run

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  1. After doing some research and thinking, I have found what I think was the issue. The night prior I had not ate a solid meal, but just a bunch of junk. The morning of I normally have a fat coffee and some fruit, but I decided I was late and didn’t have time. I believe the combination of the above caused me to bonk on the run. So lesson learned, be a creature of habit.


  2. Yes, Son, it would suck to not see you with a smile on your face and not enjoying yourself on your runs. There are times, but when you run ONLY for the win you lose. I KNOW you’ll continue to learn and you’ll continue to better yourself thru training the body and the mind (NOT so much psyche, but through learning, knowledge and practice).


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