Bridle Trail 50k

First off, this was an amazing race. Location, sites, terrain and weather that could have not been more perfect for my first night race. This race takes place in Kirkland, WA and when I say in I mean in, this course is surrounded by homes and minutes away from businesses. There are points where you cannot hear a thing but the forest around you and then you can hear the freeway, but in a good way. The sites the whole time you are in a forest, gorgeous trails with all the tree’s and life of the forest. Terrain gave us a little of everything as the night went on. There was the trail getting muddy from everyone running laps, 6 laps was the 50k. Then darker it got the bigger the roots and rocks got, but this was the first race where I did not fall (and trust me that huge). Now to the actual running part of the race. I stated from the beginning that I was shooting for a 15ish minute mile, well I failed that right of the bat. When I started I kept saying slow down in my head but the body was not listening and to be honest my brain wasn’t anyways. I ran the first lap a 9:32 pace and then the second lap with a 9:58 pace. Lap 3 was about the same, but I was soaking wet from sweat so when I came by the drop bags had to switch shirt, jacket and socks took about 10 minutes, still getting use to Injinji’s first race with them. From there my pace when to about 13 minute plus pace. Which I was OK with, first time racing with a head lamp and I had ran way faster then I thought I could. Now, up to lap 5 I had been on top of my nutrition, but about mile 22 or 23 I started to forget to get everything in me. I was OK until I hit mile 27 that when I started to cramp, now that being said I usually have cramps much sooner due to some nerve issues, but I am working with #ItsTheNerve to help combat this, I had taken one prior and one at mile 17 and thought I could make it through just another learning experience. But the thing that surprised me more than anything was I knew that I could run the flats and the downs without further cramps, so I did and I was able to finish in a PR of 6:25:28. So, remember the only person you are racing is yourself.

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