Chasing Bigfoot

After one year of running trails I set out to do my first 100k. I chose the Bigfoot 100k, an amazing race series that I had the honor of volunteering at for the Bigfoot 200 miler. I DNF’D!!

Now, please don’t take the next as me making excuses, but as learning point for us all. I signed up only about 3 weeks before the race, I did not train correctly or really and I just was not in a place to do this race mentally or physically.

The good stuff. First, the course was amazing. Mainly single track through some of the most gorgeous parts of God country, well what we could see. There was some heavy rain, wind and clouds at elevation that blocked alot of views. The front man here is my hero of this race, Dan Brostek.

14517540_10153949004073388_4384384513273161995_n (About mile 15)

Now, this picture depicts the race for me. I started out by being dehydrated going into the race. I was hurting by mile 7 and had to pop some Tylenol to keep going, but I did. We hit that first Aid Station (A/S) at mile 11 and thank God we did. I needed water and some food and a new shirt. I got to see a good friend, Richard Kresser, and that his positive attitude and spirit gave the kick in the pants to get out of the A/S. At, this point Dan said lets go and I started just marching behind him up Norway Pass.

Once we got up some elevation, not much at all, I started to feel really bad. Dan kept checking on me, reminding me to drink water and get calories in me. We hit about mile 13 and then it happened the worst bonk of my running life. All of a sudden I stopped sat down light headed and did not want to move on, but the thing about Bigfoot is you cannot stop you have to get to the next A/S. Dan came back got me moving and by this point I needed more water. Dan got a video of me getting water from a creek up on the pass. I had gone through my 2L hydration pack and 500 ml bottle. You can see me drink 2 bottles but what you dont see is me refill that pack and bottle before we start moving again. After, about mile 18 I started to feel better and could see myself finishing the race.

We hit about mile 22 and then a new pain showed up. This was something I had never experienced but knew what it was… ITB inflammation. We slowed down abit and started the about 7 mile down hill journey. Dan and I were confident that if I could make it to the next aid station, mile 29, then I would be good. I could get some Tylenol, a ITB wrap and maybe some solid food then move on. Well, I limped in got of my feet took the Tylenol, put the wrap that Dan happen to have at that A/S on and actually got a cup of ramen down me (that felt like heaven). I completely changed socks, shirt, put tights and a beanie on and just sat for about 30 minutes and relaxed. I felt better as we left.

The next section was not to long, 6.6 miles, but did have another 2400 feet of climb. We took our time but the more I either went up or down, which hurt like a *****, it got harder and harder to move forward. After, us slogging along for about 3 miles, I finally told Dan to just go and I was going to pull out at the next A/S. The next 3ish miles took me forever. I was hurting, it had got dark and I had lost my confidence. I could not see more than a couple feet in front of me due to cloud cover and rain that was coming sideways at me. Luckily, another runner had caught me and let me join them into the next and my final A/S. At this point, I saw Dan again and confirmed with him that I was done. I had DNF’d at 35 miles.

Ok, now the important stuff. What I learned. 1. I need to spend time strength training. 2. I need to make stretching and yoga a priority. 3. Always train. 4. Spend more time speed hiking and working elevation. 5. Friends are amazing new and old. 6. Always, trust your gut.

Here is the strava, GPS, of my run.


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