Time to Focus

In the next month I will be starting my fellowship for the Veteran Opportunity Center in Pasco, WA. To me this means I will finally be getting my foot in the door of veteran support work. One of the things I will get the honor of doing is helping put on a 8 hour race here locally that will support our local veterans. Also, this position is a whole new challenge because I am stepping into PR and community connections, way outside my IT experience. I am super stoked.

With this I was concerned my training would suffer but I have found that I will get even more time to train just due to the fact that I will be near the trails I want to run on. Also, I am currently focusing heavily on strength training more that endurance. I over trained on running last year and was lacking the strength to complete the race. This year with prior races now under my belt and the wreck a couple of months ago I understand what I need to do. This year Badger Mountain 100 miler is mine.

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