Revitalization and Revelation

Today was a day out on the trails that really reminded me of why I started running the trails. In the last 6 month or so I have lost focus of my WHY and was just going out because that what I thought was expected of me. Everything was suffering because of that.

While I was out today in the ice, snow and slush I saw a bald eagle. Not that big of a thing on the Columbia river but today I slowed down and just watch him for a bit, took some pictures and took in the moment. That was when I realized that I was finally in a long time out enjoying the trails and I mean actually enjoying them. I had become so focused on becoming faster and I had the need to start placing in my head, but that eagle hunting in the river and ponds reminded me that that’s not it. I need this for me and my health.

As I went on today during the run I noticed more of nature and the trails that I have run quite a few times. I noticed my pace had picked up and I was pushing myself and enjoying it. So remember – – DON’T FORGET WHY YOU ARE OUT THERE and ALWAYS RUN YOUR RACE.

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