Deschutes River Trail

This is my first trail review and a huge one. This was my wife’s (Nikki) first time backpacking, yay.

Ok to the trail. We parked at the trail head and paid $7 for the overnight parking at the self-service station there in the campground. The parking lot is about 30 feet from the horse trail-head, which is where we started our adventure.

The horse trail is a service road also, so that means its was well maintained, graveled and pretty flat. We stayed on the horse trail for about a mile until we saw a good trail that dropped down to the river. We dropped down a linking trail to what is called the Middle Trail and it is a single trail no frills trail. This was not a highly maintained trail but was clear in most spots did have some over growth in some spots. We then saw another drop which took us to the river trail. This section was not maintained at all on primarily looks like a animal trail with some human tracks over it. These two trails at this time where muddy but you could hike them watching your footing. When dropping elevation here we had to use our poles to keep us from sliding down in some spots. After we went about 3 total miles we found our camp spot for the night.

The next morning we decided to head back due to weather changes we didn’t feel like dealing with. We took the River Trail the whole way back and it was great. This trail had a little bit of everything creek crossings, small bouldering, some briars, wood plank trails and great views. This trail was fairly flat only with 150 feet of elevation over the 2ish miles back. There are some benches along the way if you want to stop and enjoy the views on the river.

This will be a spot that we hit again later this year to do a multi-day trip. Here is the All Trails guide for the 22 mile trip.

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