Paria Bryce 2 Tent

First, the price point for weight is amazing at $160 and 3 pounds 14 ounces its awesome. Now how does is actually work. We used it two night over the last weekend in two different climates. The first night we had it at the beach on the Oregon coast at Nehalem Bay State Park with higher 30’s at night and mild wind. It was our first time setting the tent up and it was easy, I think it took us 10 minutes to get it setup and staked out. We were in the tent for about 8 hours that night and it was peaceful. There was very little wind that pushed through the tent and the warmth seem stay in the tent through the night. It was a very damp night due to beach spray and the fly did its job amazingly keeping the dew and spray off of us. Packing it the next morning was a little bit of a learning experience due to the fold each item, the ground tarp, the tent and fly down to the exact pole size then roll it all together very tightly.

We then headed in land to central Oregon along the Columbia River to the Deschutes River State Recreation Park. Here we parked then hiked in a few miles (Nikki’s first backpacking trip, so proud of her). We made camp along the river and saw an improvement in setup time to about 5 minutes for everything. The temperatures here were colder at night down to low 30’s and surprised us with heavy rain for a couple hours through the night. When we woke up completely dry and with almost no condensation on the inside I knew that we had made a great choice in a shelter.

Size is always an issue with me. I am 6 foot 3 inches and about 210 pounds family nickname is Shrek. This tent had room for both of us and our packs inside the tent but you can also store it under the vestibule.

So, I think the only con was drying time for the fly. It took about 2 hour in the back of our car while driving from one site to the other. I did better the second day while we hiked back I put it on the back of my pack. It was pretty dry by the time we got back to the car to head home.

Over all this is an amazing tent and could be a great beginners backpacking tent.

Here is a link to my store to purchase the tent.

Here is Paria’s site for the Bryce 2.

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