Cannabis and me

So this is something that I am just getting strong enough to talk about. My use of cannabis. A lot of you know I have had addictions in the past and due to that I never thought I would be using cannibis as medication.

About 9 months ago I went into to see my primary care doctor about my PTS and my memory. I was for sure he was going to prescribe me some pills and push me out the door it is the VA after all. But, no this doctor took his time and explained how medical use of cannabis could help with my issues. He explain that use under moderation and control have been helping others. So, I gave cannibis a try.

And 9 months later I almost never have a nightmare, hypertension and hyperawerness anymore. I have found that different blends help with different issues. Everything from PTS to concentration to pain and inflammation. So I guess what I am trying to say is don’t close your mind to cannabis, it just may help you.

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