Moving Forward

While out on my run today I had about 2 hours just to myself to really think and meditate on things. Family, jobs, physical training, schooling and the PCT are some of the things that I spent some time pondering. The thing that meant the most and stuck out the most was family.

We have been planning to get an RV and travel around, key word there was have. With moving over here and restarting life we have found that we would really like to stick around and put some roots down. Now, what’s that mean. Buy some property, build a tiny home, a barn and some outbuildings.

Travel will still happen but now we will have a base camp to come back to. I still plan on doing the PCT next year but once I get back its time to full on adult. I am starting a new job that I hope will take me back after the PCT but if not I will find another.

What this all means is time to focus on our future.

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  1. Paris and I have also been exploring buying some land and building a studio for art and a small dwelling, to change up our lives. We’ll have to share notes and ideas with each other along the way. We’ve been looking at anything at this point… from shipping containers, to recycling old barns to perhaps even buying up an old Mason’s hall or church that people have since moved on from and restoring it. Even Earthships are fair game at this point…

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