PCT 2018.. It’s Happening

First, sorry about not being on here that much. I have been doing for Instagram and YouTube. I will be attempting to put out a quick blog once a week from now on.

Well everything is a go. I got my gear 95% set, you can see my video’s at my YouTube channel. Got my resupply locations set, I will be releasing a list of those so you can follow along and send stuff out if you want (I will also do a quick how to label a package also). The big thing is that I have an opprotunity to turn this trip into a documentary to help bring light to Ecotherapy aka Nature Therapy aka Forest Bathing. This is huge for me and I hope for the future of alot of people. I will release more details as I can, but I do want to put this out there. We might have to crowdfund some of this film and if so I would love the support of our community if you can. Again thank you all for all the support you give me already.

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