Kickstarter for Documentary

This is from the amazing team at Spruce Tone Films that is helping me get “Constant Thought” created.


In case you missed it, our newest project is launched! We are psyched to share the concept for our new film “Constant Thought” which will explore the therapeutic benefits of time spent outdoors for Iraq War veteran and outdoorsman Brandon Kuehn as he hikes the Pacific Crest Trail.

Our Kickstarter to raise initial funds to produce the film has launched today and will run for the next two weeks! We have some really exciting perks for pledging to help our campaign, along with limitless gratitude from us and Brandon!

We had the pleasure of meeting Brandon while working on some content for the National Parks Conservation Association and were stunned by his vast knowledge about the outdoors and story.

We feel it’s imperative that we continue to stand up for the protection of our public lands for individuals like Brandon to enjoy and explore new ways of addressing mental health issues. If you feel inclined, it would be incredibly helpful for you to spread the word about this project in any way that you can and if you’re able, help us reach our fundraising goal.

Palmer & Matt // Spruce Tone Films

Check out the Kickstarter here.

And a huge thanks from me. Also, if you have go over a subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my PCT 2018 – Journey.

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  1. Brandon, I’ll be praying for you as you venture out on a trail that I have always wanted to attempt. I pray that God will meet you in the trials you gave and that he will become real to you and provide you with “the peace that passes all understanding.” Thank you SO much for your service and for living life in the open so others struggling with PTSD can know they’re not alone and that there are healthy ways of healing. God bless you!


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