So I Lied

Ok, so I said I was closing down Gingerbeard Outdoors and well as you can tell I haven’t. I didn’t really want to shut it down because that is still part of me but I thought I could not do Front Line Farm and Gingerbeard Outdoors. I was mostly wrong and I am happy about that.

We do a ton of talking out here on the farm with one and other and there is one thing that has come up quite a bit lately is balance. This means for us work balance – the orchard and our personal farms, family time, fitness and fun times. I had really forgot that last one and i mean making excuses to not get outdoors and in the mountains.

So two weeks ago I did just that for the first time in over 6 months. I packed a overnight load and went up to a local trail and hiked to a lake. On the drive up to the lake I stated to realize the need I have to be outdoors and what hiking does for me. Yes, I am outdoors everyday for work but that is not the trail. I can at least try to let go of things while I am on the trail that I cannot while I am working in it.

It was once I was out there I started to realize it wasn’t just balance that I needed but also prioritization in my life. How could I balance anything and manage the time for those things if I didn’t know or have them prioritized. So, I started to work on that. And that’s how this post is coming to be and the one that will follow this. They will happen but only if I feel like it not because I have to or feel I have to anymore.

So that being said – See you all on the trail and remember “The trail is not what you want it to be but what you need it to be.”

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