So I Lied

Ok, so I said I was closing down Gingerbeard Outdoors and well as you can tell I haven't. I didn't really want to shut it down because that is still part of me but I thought I could not do Front Line Farm and Gingerbeard Outdoors. I was mostly wrong and I am happy about... Continue Reading →

Not the End

I am going to be closing down but by no means am I done. I am going to be starting a new chapter of my life to include a new business that will be starting soon. Check back soon for more updates.

Kickstarter for Documentary

This is from the amazing team at Spruce Tone Films that is helping me get "Constant Thought" created. **BIG UPDATE! NEW PROJECT ALERT!** In case you missed it, our newest project is launched! We are psyched to share the concept for our new film "Constant Thought" which will explore the therapeutic benefits of time spent... Continue Reading →

All the feels

As most of you know I am about 60 day from leaving on my PCT journey. Over the last week or so it all started to get real. I am getting all the feels about this trip, good and "bad". The reason I am putting this out there is that people know it is normal... Continue Reading →

Our Future

Well I have been thinking for along time about the future of my family and how we want to live. So, we have decided when I am done with the PCT we are finally going to get a RV or Tiny Home and live a semi-nomadic lifestyle. That being said, what I am going to... Continue Reading →

STR and Healing

Ok, I have been thinking how I can put into words the amazing time I had at Strongpoint Theinert Ranch. First, a little history of STR. "After their son’s death on June 4, 2010, the parents of 1LT Joseph J. Theinert, Dr. Francis “Doc” Kestler and Chrystyna Kestler knew they wanted to continue Joe’s legacy... Continue Reading →

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