Kickstarter for Documentary

This is from the amazing team at Spruce Tone Films that is helping me get "Constant Thought" created. **BIG UPDATE! NEW PROJECT ALERT!** In case you missed it, our newest project is launched! We are psyched to share the concept for our new film "Constant Thought" which will explore the therapeutic benefits of time spent... Continue Reading →

All the feels

As most of you know I am about 60 day from leaving on my PCT journey. Over the last week or so it all started to get real. I am getting all the feels about this trip, good and "bad". The reason I am putting this out there is that people know it is normal... Continue Reading →

The Journey Official Starts

After a while of talking with my wife, we decided I should do the PCT next year. This will be an account of the next year of getting prepared and what happens during it. My first video of the journey.

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